Séminaire Quaresmi le jeudi 26 octobre: “Signed Graph Partition”

Le jeudi 26/10/2023 à 13h30, nous nous retrouverons pour le premier séminaire Quaresmi de cette année académique. Rosa Figueiredo du laboratoire informatique d’Avignon nous donnera un exposé intitulé “Signed Graph Partition” dont voici un résumé.

According to the structural balance theory, a signed graph is considered structurally balanced when it can be partitioned into a number of modules such that positive edges are located inside the modules and negatives ones are in-between them.

In practice, real-world networks are rarely perfectly balanced. When it is not the case, one wants to measure the magnitude of the imbalance and to identify the set of edges related to the network imbalance.

The Correlation Clustering (CC) problem is precisely defined as finding the partition with minimal imbalance.

In this talk, we will discuss multiplicity in the optimal space of the CC problem.

Au plaisir de vous y voir nombreux.