Séminaire Quaresmi ce 16 décembre 2021 “Analysis of Discrete-Time Queueing Models with Service Demands and Service Capacities”

Ce jeudi 16 décembre à 14h se tiendra le dernier séminaire de cette année 2021. Michiel De Muynck de la Ghent University nous présentera un exposé intitulé “Analysis of Discrete-Time Queueing Models with Service Demands and Service Capacities” dont voici un résumé :

Queueing phenomena are ubiquitous. Checkout lines in stores, buffers in network systems, traffic jams on road networks, and waiting lists for organ donations are just a few examples of such queueing phenomena. Despite the fact that these phenomena can be very different in nature, the equations that govern their behavior can often be quite similar. In queueing theory, various abstract queueing models are defined and analyzed in order to study these queueing phenomena. One concept which is commonly used in these models is that of “service times”, which are then usually assumed to be independent or to follow a simple stochastic process. However, as I show in this seminar, there are several applications where it is not appropriate to model service times explicitly, but where it is instead more appropriate to model these service times as a consequence of two underlying quantities: the so-called “service demands” and “service capacities”. In this seminar I also give an overview of some of the mathematical techniques used in the analysis of the resulting models, and I demonstrate some numerical results that can be obtained using these methods.

Séminaire ouvert à tous. La présentation aura lieu sur Teams. Pour faciliter l’organisation, merci de vous inscrire auprès de quaresmi@ichec.be.

Au plaisir de vous y voir nombreux !